Custom Residential Construction - Nanaimo BC

Custom Residential Construction - Nanaimo BC

What is the Difference with Design-Build?

No Isolation: Instead of design being done in isolation and then passed over to the builder, we are involved from the first stages of design.  This brings continuity between the design and building process.  Instead of all communication, detail and intent needing to be passed from the designer to us as the builder, usually in the form of minimal pages of drawings and little other documentation, we carry memory and context for all design that has been developed. 

Realistic Pricing: Pricing is developed as the design progresses with competitive quotes from trades and suppliers sought as needed.  This avoids the traditional issue of no costs until the quoting stage, after the full design is complete.  At this point, if costs are too high, a significant redesign and redraw is required to put it out to tender again.

Full Specifications: In the RT Design-Build process specific focus is brought to working with you to develop full specifications for both the interior and exterior of the home.  This is often left, in the traditional method, to develop during the build.  Should this occur, many final selections are likely to differ significantly from those originally priced into the contract.  The result can be significant cost increases.

Increased Quality: In the traditional approach, the contractor creating the lowest price is often rewarded with the work.  This creates a pressure to drive costs down through the choice of materials, methods, trades and suppliers that produce lower cost.  This often will significantly sacrifice quality.  Corner cutting to items not visible will aid the goal of reduced price as well.  With the Design-Build approach assessment can be made between quality and cost, finding the most effective options while assessing cost.  And the thing about building is that once you’ve chosen your route, you’re pretty much on for the ride.  In Design-Build, you can assess and review the process continually and negotiate any changes desired. 

There are further differences and benefits to the Round Table Design-Build process.  Most come from the detailed attention brought to the project with one entity; Watercress; following, guiding and documenting the project from start to finish.

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