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Watercress Developments - Founded on Principals and Values

At Watercress, principles and values are important.  A simple statement says it all – “if we were in your place, how would we want to be treated”.  In practice, this means:

  • Honesty in all of our transactions.
  • Giving respect to everyone we meet and work with.
  • Working in our client’s best interest, even when it is the more difficult road to follow.
  • Developing a collaborative spirit; inviting positive ideas from all quarters.
  • Great attention to detail, from design to management to craftsmanship.

Our work has been in the Mid Vancouver Island area since 1993.  We have enjoyed challenging projects of all types, from difficult rock terrain to complex design and detailing.  Scale of projects range from renovations to multi-million dollar estate building.  All deserve the same attention to detail.

To us, the entire process is critical.  Every nuance of the experience will reflect in the final product.  As a result, we developed the “Round Table Design-Build” process to attain the highest level of results in a natural way – through working collaboratively together.  We have moved all those involved from opposite sides of the fence to the same side of the fence, working together.  It is a managed process with one entity guiding; bringing consistency through all stages of the design and build. 

We invite you to talk about your ideas, and explore possibilities.  That’s where it all begins.  Dreams are exciting to work with, and bring to reality.